MyMario 0.14.10

I just uploaded my last year’s 2D Platformer that I made with ActionScript 2.0 in Flash for a friend, thought it’s time to put it here too:

The graphics are borrowed from NES‘s Super Mario Bros. and was just a placeholder for my own characters and environments, which will be used in this year’s game.

Be sure to click on it to gain focus or else you can’t move characters. You can jump with Space key and shoot with “Shift”, movements are done with arrow keys.

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  1. By the way, SHIFT ro ziyad mizani STICKY KEYS e windows baz misheh migeh mikhay STICKY ro roshan koni, you may want to use a different button.

    By the way, when I fall on the monsters they should die too not just when I shoot them. Its fun jumping on them.

  2. Aidin, akhare bazi age submit score & name piade koni ta snake master(!) & high score’ha zakhire shan kheili ali mishe. unvaght reghabat mikonim! 🙂

  3. Dorosteh vali in game nist, in feature haye engine ro neshon mideh faghat.
    Ro in bazi ke daram rosh kar mikonam ro nazaret fekr mikonam.

    Merci !

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