Darkness imprisoning me …

So, here I am again, writing another 2D platformer … what else did you expect!

Now that my conscription service is finished and I have much more time on my own and listen to the true calling of deep inside, which is game development, which is 8-bit retro and which is, 2D platformers …

So after several tinkering around with different languages, frameworks and whatnot, which some were successful like Hasan Kachal and some were not, I’m once again back with Flash (which I don’t much good memories) to make one more platformer, this time I’m using Adam “atomic” Saltman’s Flixel as a framework over Flash to speed things up, somewhat as a middleware and I’m loving it. Since I’m much familiar with C-family of programming languages, I wrote ActionScript 3.0 code with no problem with just a glance at a piece of code.

About a month ago, I had a great talk with if not the best, one of the greatest game designers of Iran, Hossein Hosseinian, and we developed some kind of prototype in a cafe and this what I’m showing is first prototype of that sketches in Flash. We then will sit down and talk with another great artist and sick gamer, Behzad Rahimi, which proven to be a great aid in Hasan Kachal and always a positive energy, and talk more about where this will go on.

All you see here, such as lolcat of background or Mario sprite are placeholders, it’s just the demo for the darkness I achieved, of course with help of great members of forums and giants that I put my feet upon, so don’t expect our original art yet, in a while our guru artists Behzad and  Nima Jamali will crush the ground for us … stay tuned ( I would suggest RSS feed ).

Here is screenshot of what we currently have:


notice the darkness, the glowing coins that hints the way … I love it. You can play the demo here. I’m planning to release the source code as open source, so not worries. I won’t now because it’s not much of a use to anyone yet, but hey, sharing is caring!

And one more thing, it’s goes by DarkestKorner Platformer as a WIP name.