A silent place for a curious mind …

I dream of having a quiet office … bare with nothing but a chair, a table some light and a vast silence that can be broken by music that soothes my ear like Solar Fields or Knytt music. In which I eat, sleep make and play games, for ever.

A place with large white boards that we brainstorm on, where I build new stuff and give it to fellow game designers to test the required feature or test how that bug is fixed or not.

Where all we do, talk, dream, manage, act is games.

Current state of DKP

I like to keep the blog posted and updated but in the meanwhile I don’t like to spoil any new feature that I’m working on, so I’m always somewhere here in between.

As you know, currently I’m working my way to near end of first phase of my current game (DarkestKorner Platformer) which is a retro 2D platformer with some unique elements. I was stuck hard in a bug that was related to Quad Tree in flixel that was finally solved, so my current best feature is a shotgun, it’s so cool, even though it still doesn’t has any particle or enemies to test it on! But has a cool feel and for the sound FX, I temporarily using best shotgun sound I ever heard, and probably will ever, in my life, the sound of shotgun in DOOM.

So, next is enemies: a normal patrol enemy, one kind that hangs from spots and shoots the player from stationary positions and a flying one that I may neglect because I hate those enemies in games like classic Ninja Gaiden series. That will pave the way for Environment Hazards, like spikes and so, and maybe some collidable particles.

So, let’s rock!