On importance of feedback.

For the past two weeks, we put our game to the wild got several feedbacks, some very eye opening ones that we are analyzing and brainstorming over them in order to make our game better.

It’s still very strange to me how people react to some aspects of the game that seem obvious and apparent to us developers that to the players. I didn’t have such experience with my last title as we were pushed to the crunch that we didn’t put much test on it, no matter how hard I wish we did.

To make things more complicated, our game is like 95% completed and it’s kinda dangerous to add features to it, A) I can ruin it rather than making it better and B) It can easily turn us into feature creeps which this game being indie, will make it just a vague memory so we should be edit and add things consciously without setting foot into depths of feature creep, which there is no way out.

Wrapping up.

As we are doing the finishing touches, we are getting more and more near to the beta build. We were honored to have our game play tested by some of our friends in person so we could record their plays and find our initial bugs and misdirections. I recorded videos of people’s playing and also their voices and then we sat down and watched how people reacted to several important parts of the game and fond out our strengths and weaknesses.

Along doing those, we are doing finishing touches here and there and I’m reading on the business side of flash games. Even though I’m not doing this for the money, it is nice to get some revenue out of it so I can repay the hard work all members went through and as it’s first time I’m doing business side for a game that I work on, there are lots of new things to learn there.

So we mail the the beta build to the subscribed testers in the following days and afterwards, we will move to selling it.