My [future] kid.

I’m a die hard Tintin fan. Through the years I collected all the books in the series that they used to print officially in Iran with localized translations. And the reason I kept them is to deliver the same experience I had had reading them as a kid to my own. To let him learn many aspects of life, being from how to man a submarine to land on Moon, from the Chinese mafia to Pharaohs of Egypt. So I was watching Kramer Vs. Kramer  the other day and at some point the protagonist was reading Tintin to his kid (even the image quality is very bad, I recognized the book being Red Rackham’s Treasure) and instantly saw this idea that I had for my whole life just in front of me.

I can’t thank enough of Sir Hergé for his outstanding legacy.

My game design course’s blog.


As of this semester I am honored to hold a “Digital Game Design” course at IranGDI (Iran Game Development Institute) along with my BFF and colleague, Mr. Hossein Hosseinian, whom is one of the best game designers that I know of. We mostly try to teach basics of game design and also teach Game Maker, a proven educational game development tool, so pupils can apply the taught theories intoa digital game.

We also have a blog for the class so pupils can get the slides that we use to teach,  their assigned articles, etc. that I thought would be good to share here since my blog is [mostly] technical, it might do good to some.

Here it is:

Rot Gut release!

I’m honored on behalf of our great team: Behzad Mohammad Rahimi Asad, Mohammad Nejadazar, Lawrence Steele, Matthew Hagberg and yours truly, announce release of our award winning Noir 2D retro action platformer game, Rot Gut!

You can play the game at this page.

If you like the game, and I hope you do, please “Rate Up” us at our Greenlight page, so hopefully we can release this on Steam: Go to this link and “Rate Up” with that “Like” icon.