Useful ADB Logcat parameter for Unity developers

When logging device logs with ADB’s logcat, it’s hard to see your app’s logs between seas of device’s logs, so it’s better to filter out whatever is interested to you when debugging an app.┬áSo in case of Unity, you can use this switch to filter out everything but Unity’s Debug.Log commands:

adb logcat -s Unity

Painfree way to add a PATH to Mavericks

With the new Mavericks, the traditional ways that mostly one will find out via Googling in order to add a PATH to environment list of OS X, won’t work. Apple secretly moved to a folder called “path” in “etc” folder to store system paths but there is a folder called “path.d” that you can store your paths there and it will work like a charm.

So, simply create a text file, add your path inside it, save and move it to “/etc/path.d” and reboot/relogin and you are good to go.

I’ve used it to access platform tools of Android SDK but it can be used for anything.

The Ultimate Question

Due to me teaching job and games that we made, I get to asked about how to get into game development and which way to go and similar nonsense. People are basically trying to evaluate that whether they are fit for the job or not or what’s the shortest way to get achievement and success.

I read a lot of articles and advices from “successful” game developers through the years and recently found a question that answers it all, and no, it’s not 42, at least not this time. I believe that answering honestly to this simple question should be enough to guide for either someone who just got into game development or even someone 10 years down the road and re-evaluating.

From the experience, I think one should not think twice about his answer and the first answer that comes into your mind, is the answer. Just don’t.

*drum roll* and the question is : “Do you see yourself doing something beside game development?“.

Reason behind is that this is hardest thing I’ve done my whole life and from what I’ve heard from fellow game dev’s, it’s not easy for them either. So if you see yourself doing something beside this, chase it and don’t ever look back.

I honestly believe only people that can not do anything beside it, should pursue it.