More short movies.

Here are other two short movies in the series that I’m creating. I also added first one too, just for your convenience. (contact me if you are interested in high resolution ones)

1- Remember. (5 MiB)

2- Krapt. (4.8 MiB)

3- hello. (5 MiB)

Music is from Nine Inch Nail’s GHOSTS.

My first film edit etude, “Remember”.

You can download one of my first tests on film edit ( download it (5MiB) / stream it ).

I limited myself to some rush videos that I had lying around and forced myself to create a short movie with a story from it. It’s all recorded via my cell phone.

I’m experiencing until the day me and my friend, Ehssan, will go to capture the actual footage so I’ll be ready for editing.

-Stay tuned.