A silent place for a curious mind …

I dream of having a quiet office … bare with nothing but a chair, a table some light and a vast silence that can be broken by music that soothes my ear like Solar Fields or Knytt music. In which I eat, sleep make and play games, for ever.

A place with large white boards that we brainstorm on, where I build new stuff and give it to fellow game designers to test the required feature or test how that bug is fixed or not.

Where all we do, talk, dream, manage, act is games.

It is always a fight.

Everywhere I look I see problems, whether inside or outside. Everywhere I go I’m unwelcome, every face I face I feel hated, every step I take I feel the rotten net waiting for me, every character I type to code, I face billions of bugs and crashes, every click I do with my mouse, I face BSOD, every light I see at end of the tunnel is just a freight train coming, every moment my loved ones get one step closer to death, every second I get closer to the due of IRGF, first Persian competition of computer video games, hosted by IRCG.

but …  nothing can stop me.