Status update

It’s been a while since my last post here, about 3 months. Worth noting that the lack of a message is a message itself.

First of all, Rot Gut’s status.

We’ve developed a multiplayer version of Rot Gut (lost the count, is it 4th time?) and tested with a lot of peers and feedbacks have been great. It has game modes, destructible environments and all that cool stuff that I wanted to do for so long and could not do in previous games. So that’s great there.

Then we’ve decided to add online multiplayer and it’s been my worst nightmare so far. I’ve dabbled with a lot of networking techs from UNet, to Photon, to Forge, to uLink, to etc just to find out none of these work out for us.

Each of them has a problem in it’s core that prevents us to develop our game on it.

This project introduces challenge after challenge from it’s start and this online networking has been the hardest that I’ve faced my whole life. Truly a beast that doesn’t want to get tamed, no matter how hard I try.

On the bright side, if there is any, I’ve learned much about networking and multiplayer and it’s been adventurous on that side.

Personally speaking, my depression got worse and I’ve been changing meds and none of them worked out so far. It’s very hard to be alone, deal with depression (among other things) and face a project that is hardest you’ve faced so far and there is no guarantee that would even make a single buck.

I find myself more and more trying to escape this craziness called “Indie Game Dev” and before it gets even more late to find a “job” that pays. But I can’t. I simply love it so much and spent so much time to just be able to leave it be. Maybe it’s the right choice.

I’ve used to thinking of quitting before but the frequency has gotten so much higher than before. And it’s not good.

That’s all for now I think.

Rot Gut’s review on Persian Games Magazine.


I just noticed that a new Persian gaming electronic magazine called “Persian Games Magazine” printed their review of Rot Gut in their first issue and they favored it with a 9/10.

You can download the English version of the magazine from this link and Persian version at this one. I took picture of the Persian one here for the convenience:

RotGut review at Persian Games Magazine emag

Despite some small things like not mentioning the game winning the title of “Best Indie Game” award from 2nd Iran National Game Festival, our lovely Lawrence Steele as the man behind the fantastic OST of the game music and even a link to the game!, their review is good.

Also I saw this page that they announced our current game, Super Hungry Monsters, to be released later this year:


Rot Gut’s review and interview at Donyaye Bazi (Dbazi) magazine.

Our friends at Dbazi were kind to us to review our latest indie game, Rot Gut (also known as “Black Elixir”) in their latest issue. I’m proud to say that they really liked our game. They interviewed me briefly and is printed on the same page as the review. For our fine readers that do not access to the magazine, I’ve taken an screenshot of that page that you can see down here:


I’m very proud to be part of this and hope we continue to deliver quality games. That’s the only reason I breath.

GameEmag’s review of Rot Gut.

One of best Persian gaming podcast, GameEmag, reviewed Rot Gut and actually liked it. You can listen to the section that they talk about Rot Gut at this link. (Note that it’s in Persian/Farsi).

Donyaye Bazi (DBazi) also reviewed the game along with an interview with us on their latest issue that I will put here once I get permission to.

Beside these, I’m learning Unity and prototyping some ideas for mobile devices. I’ll put more info on that when the time comes. That’s why I’ve been silent all these months, beside other things.

Rot Gut release!

I’m honored on behalf of our great team: Behzad Mohammad Rahimi Asad, Mohammad Nejadazar, Lawrence Steele, Matthew Hagberg and yours truly, announce release of our award winning Noir 2D retro action platformer game, Rot Gut!

You can play the game at this page.

If you like the game, and I hope you do, please “Rate Up” us at our Greenlight page, so hopefully we can release this on Steam: Go to this link and “Rate Up” with that “Like” icon.