Garshasp released on Steam!

Garshasp, the game I was honored to work on as Technical Artist and in-game Special FX (along lots of other things but that’s what I’m officially named in credits so that’s what I can say without getting a law suit!) is now released on Steam and Gamers’ Gate, and it will be available for purchase shortly. This is a huge step for the team and of course game development in Iran (or Persia if you will).

\m/ to the metal team with the metal mind behind the game!

Life as a Technical Artist.

Me presenting.

Last year I was honored to present about one my roles at developing Garshasp video game (along side Special Fx and Programming which I presented at another conference), I thought it’s a good idea to post the presentation files online here too.

You can grab it here.

Many thanks to Mr. Fassihi (the project lead and an elegant programmer) for giving me the opportunity and honoring of working on this great game.