Silence of The Mice.

So, last time I went to NLAI to work on my game, in knee deep in the guts and blood of bugs and fails, someone tapped me and jumped me out of my chair to “mention” out of his, let’s just forgive him, nervous system that apparently I can’t bring mouse into the reading chambers. I told him honestly that my touchpad is broken (it is not but using it even for two clicks will give me pain in the thumb for the whole week that’s because I extensively used it in past years) and he nodded just as I expected from as bright as he is.

So, I went home afterwards to search for any quite mouse that I can find. There were some but that mostly would need me “going out” (people! oh people! they are dangerous!) and involving in traffic and waste of time and asking lots of remarkable “yesterday Sheppard, today computer salesman” about this matter, which I honestly avoided during past 6 years.

So I asked my Hardware genius, Massoud, about the matter. Whom if he was not helping Intel making better processors, would be help me hand in hand in this matter. So as he could do best from miles away, he found a nice article about how to quite a mouse. As some of you might know, I rather to lots of nasty things in order not to solder things, being a software guy. Even though all of my experience I remember doing soldering were successful (not in your terms, but mine), even that A Link To The Past GBA cartridge that took me a whole week to fixed for Hossein PeaCe that he broke kindly after 5minutes of returning it to him, I still tried to avoid soldering for this matter.

So knowing that I was not gonna solder things, I tried working with the touchpad, see if my old injuries are healed. It was just to my surprise that 10 clicks with this devil button and I have my pain back. Nice. So I went “idn way” and tried to invent a little during the journey. I don’t like hardware and also don’t like to talk about how switches in mice work and what causes the sound, I just want to mention that I could do the trick without soldering, I did it in place. I must admit that it was not an easy task, it requires even more nimbler fingers than mine and a nervous system made of steel.

There were times that I was just about to rip the mouse and break it into the screen and go gardening in a far far farm near a railroad, but what I was needed was a quite episode of The Return of Sherlock Holmes with a cup of tea in 5am.

So here we are, after 2 days of nerve breaking work, a quite down mice.

I must admit that I didn’t touch the wheel’s click since it’s almost impossible to deal with it without soldering and the work is not “clear” as some people do, but that’s just me any my “ways”.

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