304 Forever.

I’m back from my military trainings and ready (besides my horrific throat and cold that I’m bearing for two months) to resume work on my game. While being there I tried and did my best to not to let time get wasted and tried to think about my bugs (mainly my states bug) and did some great brainstormings with my comrad Faham, tnx dude.

I also read some GamaSutra articles, some Wired and Game Developer Magazine (tnx to Arash jan), I also read the book Kim Woo-Choong wrote in 1992 on how he brought Daewoo from a 20-man company to an international group called Every Street is Paved With Gold which I cannot emphasize enough on how great this book is.

I also experiences new situations, mostly hard ones, during this training period which I mainly found useful, besides some extreme ones that I don’t feel were necessary. Hope I can defend my country and payback what is due when she is in need. I also was lucky enough to find some new friends that I hope can continue friendship in future, it’s always good to have human contact beside your regular Charles, Marcee and Parcher, if your mind is beautiful enough of course.

304 Forever.

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