These bAD Days.


It’s been quite a while since my last post and that clearly shows how productive I’ve been in terms of gaming dev and my world, which is slim mostly because I’ve been doing my conscription service which takes at least half of my day and makes me wake up at 6am, which kills afternoons, if there is any. But I managed to delete alot of fancy stuff from the game and rewriting lots of code, like getting rid of state management and other things. I’ll probably won’t make an editor for this game, I have better thoughts.

I just wish I could get back to how I used to work on Garshasp, on my own game.


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  1. Hello there…
    Thanks for your cool weblog.
    I really wonder why no longer trying to develop your own editor?
    I strongly believe developing an advanced user friendly editor – although it might take a long time – will help you to reduce the overall time and energy, needed to make a game.
    Recently my Friend and I, started developing a 2D game level editor – that currently we call it OMA- using C++ and HGE.
    Please scroll down, and see the latest pics.
    Finally, in case of problems, can we ask you ?


    1. Thanks for visiting the site. I would be more than happy to help but I’m very focused on my own game right now, perhaps when I’m over myself, not under.

  2. Its always harder to work for yourself than to work for others. That’s the entrepreneur spirit that most people don’t possess and it is natural because society doesn’t need everyone to be the boss, it needs a lot more workers than bosses. Once you pass that hurdle that you can work as hard for yourself as you do for others as an employee then the limit is the sky for you.

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