A video of what we submitted of Hasan Kachal for IRGF.

This is first of 8 levels that we made for IRGF, first Persian game festival. This is a “Work in progress ” state and game changes from that time, but keep to this for now.I don’t reveal anything about gameplay mechanics or whatnot of it but you can grasp a few ideas if you watch it carefully.

If you have problems watching it, you can download it here (~14MiG).

I shall thank everyone that participated for this demo here again.


5 Replies to “A video of what we submitted of Hasan Kachal for IRGF.”

  1. I just wanted to show a demo, currently the game has 8 levels but that will change. it’s like 70% done now. Much to do.

  2. مرسی آیدین جان
    بازی خوبی شده
    دستت درد نکنه
    دموی خوبی شده، ولی غولی ؟ چیزی ؟ له کردنی ! چیزی ندیدم

  3. Khasam binvisam khob shode o az e chiza didam baghiye neveshtan.
    Ye rozi miyam az nazik mibinamesh onvaght migam cheto shode.>:)

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