Hasan Kachal nominated as best Indie game at 1st Persian Game Expo & Festival.

So, after about 7 months of delay, finally the 1st Persian Game Expo & Festival happened and results came out. Hasan Kachal was nominated as best Indie game for the expo but unfortunately didn’t win the prize. I rather not talk about how the judgments are being done in here and why one of the judge’s games won the prize (!), but important thing is we keep working harder!

In official booklet of the expo, they reviewed the game and were really happy about it and it’s still a question why it didn’t win the prize, comparing it with other reviews, Hasan Kachal seemed to be more satisfying than other games!

So here is review of the game from the magazine. Since the results are out, I may put the game for download sometime soon enough.

4 Replies to “Hasan Kachal nominated as best Indie game at 1st Persian Game Expo & Festival.”

  1. So proud of you !!, if this is what you can achieve with minimum resources, I cant imagine what you can achieve if given the stage and right platform. I am extremely proud of you as my brother and as a man whom knows what he want, has passion for it , and goes for it with clarity and hard work.Don’t forget :no one is lazy, we only have lack of hope and belief.

  2. Very good comments from the magazine Aidin khan, very proud of you achieving this 🙂 great work!!

  3. تبریک میگم آیدین . واقعا فوق العاده ای 🙂 چرا اطلاع رسانی نمیکنی ؟ نمیدونستم و از این که دیر شد عذر خواهی می کنم.
    امیدوارم همیشه موفق و سلامت باشی 🙂

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