Hasan Kachal is now available to download!


I made an installer for Hasan Kachal (using NSIS which is great and I recommend it to you to use on your projects and is built by the great guys at Nullsoft who created the only music player that I use for all my life, Winamp) and it’s ready to download.

It’s a side scrolling platformer with theme of fighting with laziness. There is a timer that is constantly decreasing and you have to gain more time by eating proper apples, just like the Persian story. It’s developed on XNA 3.1 and has 10 unique music tracks each fit to each level theme.

So with no more further blabbering, here is the link: Download Link (52 MiB).

(note: If your Windows version is older than Windows 7, you may need to install this too)

This is probably not end of Hasan Kachal as I have some plans to port it on some platforms.

Hope you enjoy it and please leave any feedback in the comments section.

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  1. واقعا خوب حوصله ای داری ، دمت گرم .
    می دونم ساخت یه بازی حتی 2D سخته ، امیدوارم کارای بهترم ازت ببینیم .

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