Feedbacks are invaluable.

We were about to release our current game in two days from now, as we planned but after we had a few friends coming over and getting their feedbacks and reactions, we now have to apply those and make few changes here and there, mostly about how to teach the player the mechanics of the game, even though we thought they are somewhat clear enough which we were proven otherwise.

All that being said for game design section, our music is almost finished and we may just need few touches, sound fx is getting there, art is doing it’s final parts and we are testing things for HUD and menu and coding, as you probably guessed, is never ending and I’m constantly trying and fixing and polishing and refactoring.

If I don’t feel anymore burnout of this when we release it, I’m planning to write a postmortem about this game, mostly not about technical side but about managing the project as it is/was not a usual one-man-band kind of indie game and managing all these people, especially with no money up front and with some of them being around the world, was/is the most challenging part for me, same thing that happened for Hasan Kachal project and I’m happy I’ve done that before or else I would not have any idea how to manage this since the people involved in this project are grealy more than what we did with Hasan Kachal.

That’s it for now.