Rot Gut release!

I’m honored on behalf of our great team: Behzad Mohammad Rahimi Asad, Mohammad Nejadazar, Lawrence Steele, Matthew Hagberg and yours truly, announce release of our award winning Noir 2D retro action platformer game, Rot Gut!

You can play the game at this page.

If you like the game, and I hope you do, please “Rate Up” us at our Greenlight page, so hopefully we can release this on Steam: Go to this link and “Rate Up” with that “Like” icon.

3 Replies to “Rot Gut release!”

  1. Nice job, I think you can be a nice 2D game developer after this work
    I played it more than 4 min continuously…

  2. بهتون تبریک میگم
    بازی واقعا هیجان انگیزه
    مرسی از انتشار رایگان

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