Weekly report.

Past week was somewhat amazing. First it was fourth LIMITED ACCESS festival and I attended most of it and it was pure joy. Especially Tuesday that there were several audio experimental performances and one of them by Elemun was mind blowing, both it’s visuals and audio/music.

Beside that, I dusted off my Ableton Live’s old projects and played with it to remember what I had learned last year. Live is one of softwares that I truly appreciate and one of the fine pinnacles of both software and hardware engineering. I’ll continue learning Live for the next few weeks and hopefully can make some tunes. I uploaded some of my older experiments here.

Last Thursday was first session of my Scripting Class course. I always enjoyed teaching back in the University but I always wanted to make examples by addressing video games but academic space is not that familiar with games and thus I had to suppress that desire but now that I’m teaching at a game development institute, I, metaphorically, feel at home. I really liked the class and I was proud to see my pupils know well-enough about basic, but important nevertheless, concepts such as variables, functions and flow of a program.

Since these students are the very ones that I was privileged to hold their Digital Game Design class the previous semester, they know general usage of Game Maker with drag and drop and now with learning scripting and GML, they can get unleashed.

I basically am teaching them programming in disguise of scripting as I believe any good game designer should know programming and also if you know programming, doing scripts is a piece of cake. Key thing is show them applications of the abstract concepts of programming to keep them interested and enthusiastic. Just a little to quench their thirst! You can download slideshows of this class from course’s blog.

As I’ve not received my MacBook, STILL, I’m forced to work with Corona on Windows and as I described in my previous posts, Corona’s tools are not at their best potential here, the opposite from Mac state. So I’m in constant back and forth with developers of several thirdparty Corona IDE’s such as ZeroBrane Studio and Glider (previously known as CIDER) in order to make them better. I’ll post reviews of such IDE’s in near future when I get enough experience utilizing them.

That’s it for now.

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