A little bit of Automation

One of the great features of the eternally loved Winamp that I cherished is being able to delete current song and go to next track. It’s especially useful to me since I tend to listen to a lot of new materials and since most of them are trash, I prefer to delete the songs that I come by via shuffle the right instant that I get to not to like them.

Finally I found a way to do that for iTunes in OS X via Applescript:

tell application "iTunes"
	copy (get location of current track) to theLocation
	ignoring application responses
		delete current track
	end ignoring

end tell
tell application "Finder"
	move theLocation to trash
end tell
tell application "iTunes" to play

You can easily set as service and assign shortcut to it.

3 Replies to “A little bit of Automation”

    1. This might help:

      ignoring application responses
      tell application “Automator”
      execute the workflow “YourWorkflowHere.workflow”
      end tell
      end ignoring

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