A Game A Week

I’ve studied my development and progress during these past years and I’ve came to a conclusion that what I lack mostly is making small games, and A LOT of them.

As I’ve studied a lot of other indies and I saw the same pattern there as well, they’ve made a lot of games.

So since I’m not currently doing any major project (not that I should not), I thought to give it a try and perhaps add a few niceties to make it more sweet.

As I was about to give it a go and I just stumbled upon this great blog post by Rami Ismail about the very exact problem in Gamasutra which made me even more determined.

I wanted to have a main big theme for all these games and since I’ve always wanted to express myself via my games, I thought why not give psychological problems a go, as I see a lot of people dealing with it and they usually have no idea about their problems so in best case scenario this might make some awareness.

With that in mind, for the first week I’ve decided to give “Schizophcerenia” a go. As I thought it’s one of the psychological problems that is easier to diagnose and people are more familiar with it and since it’s symptoms are visual, it would make making a game around it easier.

How wrong I was.

As it turns out, I’ve spent like 4 days of my time thinking about the idea, researching the disease, talking to my friends in search of some ideas or insights. After finally reaching a solid one, I went to prototype it but there were so little time that I could not finish it.

For the second time, I took another swing at Schizophrenia and got a new idea. I’ve teamed up with one of my former students and Rot Gut’s artist. We’ve talked about the idea for a couple days and I’ve started implementing it and we liked it so much that we’ve decided to work on it for another week. Then Global Game Jam came up and we’ve halted the development but I like that prototype very much.

So here we are, after the Global Game Jam 2017 and onto the next game.

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