Garshasp released on Steam!

Garshasp, the game I was honored to work on as Technical Artist and in-game Special FX (along lots of other things but that’s what I’m officially named in credits so that’s what I can say without getting a law suit!) is now released on Steam and Gamers’ Gate, and it will be available for purchase shortly. This is a huge step for the team and of course game development in Iran (or Persia if you will).

\m/ to the metal team with the metal mind behind the game!


بزرگ شدنم را،
مدیون غروب‌های جمعه‌ای هستم
که به تنهایی گذرانده‌ام؛
حس وحی دارد


ز آنچه روزی در پی اش میرفتم

اکنون میگریزم

من بدان حالت رسیدستم که

با خود می ستیزم


نیما یوشیج

Change is inevitable.

This blog being listed under my name leaves nothing more than professional posts, rather than what I usually did in my previous blogs (no links, sorry!) and since I’m mostly zombified most of the time, leaves this place, empty. And that’s not what I like.

Since I quited “face of that b00k”, I’m having more time and will post here more often, probably, and will try to post stuff here that matter to me rather than just technical stuff but I can’t be as explicit as I like, due to the fact I just talked about, d’oh.

So kids, what we will talk about here is change.

My first film edit etude, “Remember”.

You can download one of my first tests on film edit ( download it (5MiB) / stream it ).

I limited myself to some rush videos that I had lying around and forced myself to create a short movie with a story from it. It’s all recorded via my cell phone.

I’m experiencing until the day me and my friend, Ehssan, will go to capture the actual footage so I’ll be ready for editing.

-Stay tuned.