Click’s review of Rot Gut.

I’m a long time Click reader myself and am happy to tell you that they reviewed our award winning game, Rot Gut, in their weekly magazine today and they favored it with a 9/10 score! Sadly it’s just in Persian/Farsi but you can try translating it with Google Translate.

I extracted the review part and attached it to this blog post for your convenience.

Download it here (300KiB)

Rot Gut (Black Elixir) won the “Best Indie Game” title from 2nd Iranian Game Festifal (IRGF).

I’m proud to say that Rot Gut (under moniker for Black Elixir) has won the “Best Indie Game” award plus 20 million Rials from the 2nd Iranian Game Festival (IRGF).

I remember the days I sat with my best friend Hossein “PeaCe” and we dreamed of making indie games.

Without any doubt it was not possible without the great team I was privileged enough to work with:

– Behzad Mohammad Rahimi Asad.

– Mohammad Nejad Azar.

– Lawrence Steele.

– Matthew Hagberg.

2nd IRGF days.

These days are full of love. It’s Iran’s 2nd game festival (IRGF) and it’s full of very useful workshops. I was honored to have one already which was titled “Indie and Casual: Differences” which I talked about what is independent game development and introduced some facts and reviewed some noteworthy and important games along with screening trailer of Rot Gut which I got very positive impressions.

I’ll do another conference on Saturday on Post Mortem of Rot Gut which I’ll try to talk about process of creating an indie game in Iran and use experiences I earned during the past 4 years of pursing this path.

I’ll recorded the talk and I’ll upload it whenever I find a good internet connection.

So until then.

Rot Gut fan arts!

For someone like me who spends and spend his whole lifetime loving and working on video games, seeing someone loving his product so much that creates fan art for it just makes me well up. Check out these lovely art works by a dear Rot Gut fan, Mohammad:

Rot Gut wallpaper!

Our dear friend and artist, Soheil Danesh, made another poster/wallpaper for our game, Rot Gut. Such a brilliant piece of art that perfectly reflects our game:

New screen shots.

So we hit public test today on FGL and to celebrate it, I decided to post some screenshots as follows.

Game changes so much during past few weeks and I hope the final result be appealing.

Rot Gut’s OST is now avaliable for sale!


Our latest game, Rot Gut, has a fantastic music developed by our very own Lawrence Steele, a.k.a. Satsuma Audio, is a fine mixture of Jazz of 1920-30’s era with retro aspects of chiptune! You can now checkout the music and perhaps buy the music from his bandcamp page. I strongly suggest to check out the music as it’s always on loop as we develop the game 😉