2nd IRGF days.

These days are full of love. It’s Iran’s 2nd game festival (IRGF) and it’s full of very useful workshops. I was honored to have one already which was titled “Indie and Casual: Differences” which I talked about what is independent game development and introduced some facts and reviewed some noteworthy and important games along with screening trailer of Rot Gut which I got very positive impressions.

I’ll do another conference on Saturday on Post Mortem of Rot Gut which I’ll try to talk about process of creating an indie game in Iran and use experiences I earned during the past 4 years of pursing this path.

I’ll recorded the talk and I’ll upload it whenever I find a good internet connection.

So until then.

مواظب سرمایه داری خبیث باشید

داشتم در مورد خرید آی پد، مطلب میخوندم که یه متن خیلی جالبی دیدم، قسمتیش رو براتون مینوسیم

مواظب سرمایه داری خبیث باشید

سرمایه داری موجود خبیثیه. بحث کمونیسم و عرفان و غیره نیست. بحث یک چپ انتقادیه. سرمایه داری خیلی ماهره توی اینکه به شما توضیح بده که اگر یک تبلت بخرین خوشبخت می شین. فکر می کنین اگر بتونین همه اش آنلاین باشین، دوست هاتون زیاد می شن (مراجعه کنید به تنهای ابدی)، بهتون می گه که دلیل کتاب نخوندنتون اینه که تبلت ندارین، بهتون می گه که فلان دوستتون که تبلت داره الان خیلی خوشبخته چون توی فلان سایت چک این کرده و شما جا موندین، بهتون می گه اگر عکس یک سیب درخشان روی دستگاهتون باشه جذابترین. همین الان بزنین یکی از شبکه های ماهواره ای، چند دقیقه بعد یک تبلیغ دیگه بهتون توضیح می ده که اگر این کالای خاص که تبلت گالاکسی باشه رو بخرین، شبیه یک آدم باحال می شین که از همزمان که از روی نقشه راه می ره، با دندون های سالمش لبخند به لب داره و اطرافش همه چیز درخشانه.

خلاصه حواستون به این سرمایه داری خبیث باشه. منهم تبلت دارم. نمی گم توی غار زندگی کنیم. نمی گم از جامعه مدرن خودمون رو جدا کنیم. ولی بشناسیمش. حداقل برای اینکه توی ذوقمون نخوره. از حالا بهتون بگم:

شادی درون آدم ها است نه در ابزارشون. نداشتن هیچ چیزی به نوبه خودش باعث غمگین بودن آدم ها نیست. اگر من فکر می کنم تبلت بخرم که کتاب بخونم باید ببینم در سال گذشته چند تا کتاب بوده که فقط چون تبلت نداشتم نتونستم بخونمشون. و به جاش چیکار کردم. اگر فکر می کنم یک ویلا باعث می شه دوستام رو بیشر ببینم، باید به این فکر کنم که چند بار با دوستام قرار گذاشتم و فقط چون یک ویلا نداشتم به هم خورده و غیره و غیره

Reading out of the box.

While I was honored to work along with some of the best developers on Garshasp video game, which each of them was a monsters in his/her field, literally, I was privileged to meet our fearless leader, Mr. Fassihi. Today (which was actually 5am to the “normal” people) I was reading my feeds that I encountered a post by him that was an ad for a game programmer, probably for next installments of the great dragon slayer, Garshasp. Since I’m a night owl and at these times my mind is hitting pedal to the metal, I read something between the lines of his invaluable post.

He is basically listing perks and feats that he requires a game developer to have, and it is a very interesting list to me, as I worked side by side by him and the team and faced each of them being as vital as any game developer out of his bedroom, can think of.

Why I’m writing about it is that you can actually, if you have his #13 perk, read this post in reverse and look at it from another point of view that these are the skills that you will require (and believe me, you DO) to work in a game development environment, I don’t spoil them and leave them to you to read them for yourself but take a good look at the last paragraph, knowing C++ or so, as one would think is primary, is optional. Because if you have those perks, you can learn C++ or whatever that is needed, in a glance. Bad things happen when one has C++ and such knowledge but doesn’t have those perks, so his talent and experience would be NO good, no good at all, for the project or even the team.

As he mentions, they are a rare bread, they are.

Very wise.

Waiting for someone or something to show me the way …

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

– First verse of “Time”, by Pink Floyd.

That sums up a big chunk of my life. All of these years that I remember having control over my actions, I was searching. Searching for a true master, a master in all things. Someone who I could get lessons from, a wise one. Through the years I was honored to meet a very few people who were fitting in my definition of “master” but I don’t know if they were not it or I was not a good student that finally it didn’t work out.

I don’t want to, and see no reason to, go through the list and names of the ones that I seek as one. I would like to think that I was not a good student and god/universe/karma/whatever already presented me with different masters and I was not ready/good enough for them.

And no one knows how I need a master … a true one … someone who got it all figured out …


بزرگ شدنم را،
مدیون غروب‌های جمعه‌ای هستم
که به تنهایی گذرانده‌ام؛
حس وحی دارد


ز آنچه روزی در پی اش میرفتم

اکنون میگریزم

من بدان حالت رسیدستم که

با خود می ستیزم


نیما یوشیج

Change is inevitable.

This blog being listed under my name leaves nothing more than professional posts, rather than what I usually did in my previous blogs (no links, sorry!) and since I’m mostly zombified most of the time, leaves this place, empty. And that’s not what I like.

Since I quited “face of that b00k”, I’m having more time and will post here more often, probably, and will try to post stuff here that matter to me rather than just technical stuff but I can’t be as explicit as I like, due to the fact I just talked about, d’oh.

So kids, what we will talk about here is change.

It is always a fight.

Everywhere I look I see problems, whether inside or outside. Everywhere I go I’m unwelcome, every face I face I feel hated, every step I take I feel the rotten net waiting for me, every character I type to code, I face billions of bugs and crashes, every click I do with my mouse, I face BSOD, every light I see at end of the tunnel is just a freight train coming, every moment my loved ones get one step closer to death, every second I get closer to the due of IRGF, first Persian competition of computer video games, hosted by IRCG.

but …  nothing can stop me.

Engineer’s Day

براي مهندسين بن بست بي معناست ، يا راهي ميابند يا راهي ميسازند . 5 اسفند روز مهندس گرامي باد

There is no dead end for an Engineer, he either finds or builds a way. Happy Engineer’s Day!