Rot Gut release!

I’m honored on behalf of our great team: Behzad Mohammad Rahimi Asad, Mohammad Nejadazar, Lawrence Steele, Matthew Hagberg and yours truly, announce release of our award winning Noir 2D retro action platformer game, Rot Gut!

You can play the game at this page.

If you like the game, and I hope you do, please “Rate Up” us at our Greenlight page, so hopefully we can release this on Steam: Go to this link and “Rate Up” with that “Like” icon.

Rot Gut (Black Elixir) won the “Best Indie Game” title from 2nd Iranian Game Festifal (IRGF).

I’m proud to say that Rot Gut (under moniker for Black Elixir) has won the “Best Indie Game” award plus 20 million Rials from the 2nd Iranian Game Festival (IRGF).

I remember the days I sat with my best friend Hossein “PeaCe” and we dreamed of making indie games.

Without any doubt it was not possible without the great team I was privileged enough to work with:

– Behzad Mohammad Rahimi Asad.

– Mohammad Nejad Azar.

– Lawrence Steele.

– Matthew Hagberg.

Got my first reivew!

After more than 20 years of reading ,and recently watching, reviews of other games, it’s such an awesome feeling to have your game reviewed, especially when it’s a good one!

Our friends at Pejdo Game, reviewed “Hasan Kachal and Secret of The Red Apple” and game it a generous 8/10! The review is in Persian and you can read it here!

In case you haven’t already, you can get the game at this link.

Hasan Kachal is now available to download!


I made an installer for Hasan Kachal (using NSIS which is great and I recommend it to you to use on your projects and is built by the great guys at Nullsoft who created the only music player that I use for all my life, Winamp) and it’s ready to download.

It’s a side scrolling platformer with theme of fighting with laziness. There is a timer that is constantly decreasing and you have to gain more time by eating proper apples, just like the Persian story. It’s developed on XNA 3.1 and has 10 unique music tracks each fit to each level theme.

So with no more further blabbering, here is the link: Download Link (52 MiB).

(note: If your Windows version is older than Windows 7, you may need to install this too)

This is probably not end of Hasan Kachal as I have some plans to port it on some platforms.

Hope you enjoy it and please leave any feedback in the comments section.

Garshasp released on Steam!

Garshasp, the game I was honored to work on as Technical Artist and in-game Special FX (along lots of other things but that’s what I’m officially named in credits so that’s what I can say without getting a law suit!) is now released on Steam and Gamers’ Gate, and it will be available for purchase shortly. This is a huge step for the team and of course game development in Iran (or Persia if you will).

\m/ to the metal team with the metal mind behind the game!

Hasan Kachal and Secret of The Red Apple.


After about two months of very hard work and very stressful management, finally we got the competition version of “Hasan Kachal and Secret of the Red Apple” submitted for IRGF, the first Persian festival of video games, our eternal love.

So since I neglected almost everything in this time, I have to do some catching up with things and then, we’ll continue developing features that we left behind to reach the deadline and things that we fantasized during the development but obviously didn’t have time to do so.

I’ll upload the IRGF demo after they give out the results, for obvious reasons, for now, take a look at our disc, yes, we made disks and it has cover too! Like “real” games!

I’m very proud and honored to work with the team I worked with, from guys who did the music and sound FX to my very own Hossein Hoseinian, my best friend and brother, who never did and never will leave my side, especially when we need him the most, to one of the best graphic artists I know, Behzad Rahimi, who rocked our cover and HUD design and introduced to us another great artist, to my innocent Sara Salimpour who during her deadlines but we couldn’t use her work much, accepted all my nags and little edits and others who helped me on forums.

Thank you all, you all rock.

I learned a lot during the development of this game, I actually did more managing that coding/developing the game. Since we are “indie” and is not funded, we had to find network friends and people who we could rely on doing work for us, not asking for money and most importantly work on our tight schedule, not to mention my high expectations of art.

The experience was very valuable lesson of team development, which is my reward actually.

Even if we don’t get a prize, we already won. Having a deadline is very important for bed room developers since it’s a driving force. It’s like that old Persian story that an old man called his children on his death bed and told them there is a hidden treasure beneath our farm but didn’t tell them it’s exact location. So his children started digging around to find the treasure so as you might guess, they found nothing. After some time, their dogged farm started to grow and they found that the treasure was there all the time. It’s the same thing for us, if we don’t win the competition, we already have a full game under our belts, which is great already. Don’t forget international competitions, *cough* IGF *cough*.

Until the next time I return with our dev plan for next release.


p.s. If you want help the team, you can donate us and get disc version of the game with the OST. Mail me or ask here for info on how to doing it.